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What we buy?

At Cash for your jewellery, we buy all of your unwanted high-value metals including Gold, Silver, Palladium or Platinum, Whether it is broken, old, damaged or un hallmarked, unwanted, our cash for gold options are unrivalled. We do not buy costume jewellery, gold plated items or rolled-gold.

Why should you sell your gold?
In recent years the price of gold has increased quite dramatically, meaning your unwanted gold could be worth much more than you think.

Gold jewellery

We buy all gold items from 8 to 24 carat and of every nationality, including white gold, rose gold
and unhallmarked gold. Items include:

• Rings, gold chains, necklaces, earrings, charms, bracelets
• Cufflinks, tie pins, brooches & watches
• Coins & collectibles
• Gold dental crowns & bridgework
• Trophies, medals


We purchase all grades of silver from ‘half silver’, ‘sterling silver’, to ‘fine silver’.
Note: We only purchase solid silver items. We do not buy silver plated. We buy all silver items, items include:

• Silver jewellery
• Silver wares
• Silver watches
• Silver antiques
• Silver coin
• Silver medals


We buy all platinum jewellery, as well as industrial platinum. Items include:

• Platinum rings
• Platinum earrings
• Platinum pendants
• Platinum necklaces
• Platinum bracelets
• Platinum watches.
• Platinum crucibles


We buy gold and silver coins from all over the world. We buy gold and silver coins in any condition.

Bullion & Bar

We buy bullion (ingots, bars) whether it’s gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

Condition doesn’t matter

Seeing as the price is calculated by the weight and carat, we pay the exact same for jewellery which is broken, old,
damaged or tangled. Your precious metal is not worth less if some stones
have fallen out or if it’s dented, it is still worth good money

We will get back to you with our best offer for your gold within 24 hours of receiving it we’ll get payment to you by the next day!