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In recent years, the price of Gold has dramatically increased; it has reached a 10 year high. This means that your unwanted gold could be much more valuable than you think.

Yes, at Cash for your jewellery we will offer to buy all items for cash, whether it is hallmarked or not. We test to establish the precise gold content and carat value of your items to give you the customer the best possible price.

No, we do not buy gold plated, costume jewellery or rolled gold.

Yes, we do purchase white gold and rose gold at the same rate as yellow gold.

We will be happy to accept your unwanted gold jewellery provided you are: – Over 18 years old of age – The legal owner of the items that you are wishing to sell

The carat of your gold jewellery is indicated by the 3-digit number on the hallmark. See our hallmark guide for help identifying your gold. If your gold is not hallmarked, our team of professionally trained testers will be able to identify the gold content of your item.

Use any type of scales which are available to you, kitchen scales work fine to give you a rough estimation of the weight of your precious metal. Once we receive your item, we use our specialist certified scales which weighs your item to the nearest 0.1 Gram.

Don’t worry. We test all jewellery to determine if it is gold. If your jewellery turns out not to be gold, we will let you know via email or by giving you call. Your items will be returned to you, subject to postage charges. See terms and conditions for further details.

We do not buy gemstones; we only pay for the gold content. Any gemstones within items of scrap gold received will not be returned. If a stone is of sentimental value or of high importance, it is advisable that the stone is removed before sending the parcel.

The online calculator is a rough estimate to give you an idea as to how much you could be entitled for, so there may be a slight discrepancy between the two prices. The second reason is that the weight of stones and non-precious metals (springs, fillings etc) are subtracted as those are of no use to us. We use certified, electronic scales to calculate the exact weight of your items to give you the best price for your precious metal. Any weight deductions will be explained to you when our offer is made. If you are not satisfied with our offer, it may be declined.

The valuation of your items will be calculated using the London Gold Fix price; this is set twice daily, at 10:30am and at 3pm. After we have contacted you with our offer, via email or telephone, that offer will remain applicable for 24 hours only, as the gold price is constantly fluctuating. If you have declined our offer for your precious metals, they will be returned to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Please remember that we have the right to charge for postage and packaging expenses.

Confirmation of your parcel’s arrival will be sent to you via email or by telephone. Orders sent by special delivery are also trackable using Royal Mail Track & Trace system. If within 48 hours you are not contacted, you should call us on 01902 873710, Monday- Saturday 11am-6pm

After your precious metals are weighed and valued, an offer will be made by email or telephone. If you have chosen to decline our offer, your item will be returned to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Terms and conditions apply. If the offer has been accepted and payment has been requested, this transaction is not possible to reverse, as precious metals brought by Cash for your Jewellery are melted down on the day of purchase.

Your items are insured up to £500 with Royal Mail. But if your precious metal exceeds this value, additional insurance up to £2500 can be purchased at the post office. For further details, inquire at the post office when sending us your items.

After the description form has been filled in post your scrap items. All items must be packed in a secure box or padded envelope, completed with the filled in description form. Please make sure the seams of the envelopes are securely taped. We highly recommend that you send your items via Royal Mail Special Delivery, as these consignments are usually traceable and insured. Please ensure parcels are fully insured as Cash for your Jewellery is not responsible for any losses or damages in transit.