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When you use the cashforyourjewllery.co.uk service your contract is with and references to we/us/company/kandagold.co.uk/cashforyourjewellery.co.uk/Cash for your Jewellery relates to Kanda Gold Ltd with its registered office at:

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You/Your/User/Customer means the person entering into an agreement with us for the sale of precious metals. The following terms and conditions cover all aspects of trade between you the Customer and Cash for your Jewellery. By using the Cash for your Jewellery service, each customer agrees to abide by the Terms and conditions. They explain how we provide the service and will be governing the legal relationship between you and cashforyourjewellery.co.uk.  If you do not agree to these terms & conditions, please do not use the service.

Nothing in these Terms & Conditions gives you a licence to use any of our trademarks of Cash for your jewellery. All the information, designs, text, graphics, code, software and any other materials contained in this website are copyrighted to cashforyourjewellery.co.uk and are protected by copyright law. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED.

You must be at least eighteen years of age 2.2 You must be the owner of the property you intend to sell and at Cash for your jewellery request; the customer will provide documentation that proves that the requirements are true. If the customer is unable do this, cashforyourjewellery.co.uk reserves the right to return any goods to the customer and charge an administration fee. 2.3 The customer must guarantee that they have not acquired the goods through any other illegal means. 2.4 You must act on your own behalf and not, for example, as the representative or agent for someone else. 2.5 You must be domiciled in the United Kingdom. 2.6 Any transaction initiated by you will not cause Kanda Gold to be in violation of any anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism laws and all other applicable law of any country.

 We recommend all parcels sent to Kanda Gold should be using the Royal Mail (Insured) Special Delivery service as shipment can be insured and tracked. All items shipped to us are at your risk. 3.2 Cash for your jewellery reserves the right, to apply a charge for postage and packaging of items returned to the user, particularly the return of items found not to be made of gold. If a non-gold item is found, we reserve the right to deduct the cost of the return of the invalid item from the purchase price of the remainder of the consignment. Cash for your jewellery reserves the right to reject delivery any delivery which is seen to be damaged, opened, or tampered with. 3.4 Cash for your jewellery accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of goods whilst in transit to us. Customers must ensure all packages are well wrapped and all address labels clearly visible. cash foryourjewellery.uk accept no responsibility for the delay in delivery of your package or the resulting dispatch of your cheque or returned package. 3.5 Items bought by Cashforyourjewellery.co.uk are melted on the same day as purchase. Therefore there is not a possibility to reverse a transaction.

The online Calculator feature is for the customer’s convenience and should only be used to provide the customer with an estimation of the price of their precious metals. This is calculated using the market gold value on the day of use, and this is not necessarily the same price of gold on the day we receive your goods. The price calculated by the online calculator therefore should not be treated as a binding offer which the user accepts by sending the goods.

 When we receive your Royal Mail Special Delivery Bag, one of our trained staff will value your items, based on the carat and its weight (not based on its retail resale value). 5.2 You agree that we may test your gold as part of the valuation process to establish their precious metal authenticity and quality. Precious Metal Products may be tested using a range of non-destructive and destructive tests. 5.3 This process may result in a small mark being left on your jewellery, or it may become tarnished. This testing will be restricted to a small area of your item and will be conducted on an inconspicuous area. 5.4 You agree and understand that there is a possibility the testing procedures may affect the value of your items. Kanda Gold will accept no liability for any loss of value to your item(s) that may occur from the testing and evaluation process 5.5 From time to time, if we consider that the retail resale value of the item you have sent in is greater than the value based on the carat and its weight (which might happen, for example, if you send in jewellery which contains diamonds) we may, at our discretion, offer you a price based on the retail resale value. If this is the case, when we give you an offer for the item, we will let you know that this is based on the resale value of the item in one of our stores.

Once your items have been tested and valued Cash for your jewellery will contact you by telephone or e-mail to make our offer to purchase your precious metals. This offer is based upon the market price of gold on the day on which Kanda Gold receives the parcel. 6.2 Any offer made by Cash for your jewellery shall remain open to acceptance by the Customer for 24 hours. If the Customer has not accepted our offer within 24 hours, Cash for your jewellery reserves the right to withdraw the offer and re value the Precious Metal Products to reflect any fluctuations in world precious metal prices. 6.3 If Cash for your jewellery does not make an offer to purchase the Precious Metal Products or the Customer does not accept UK Cash for your jewellery’s offer to purchase, Cash for your jewellery will return the Precious Metal Products to the Customer by Royal Mail Special Delivery within a reasonable time. 6.4 When Cash for your jewellery returns the Precious Metal Products to the Customer, Cash for your jewellery the right, to charge the customer £10 per package for postage, packing and insurance of the returned consignment, and it is at its discretion to impose a fee to offset the cost of time spent testing the consignment (Max £10).Post Office terms and conditions may require us to divide a high value consignment (over £2,500) or a heavy consignment (over 500gms) between multiple packages and in such a case we will charge £10 per package required. This is to ensure that the consignment will be traceable, fully insured and will require a signature on delivery.

Please note that whilst we are prepared to purchase gold which is not hallmarked we reserve the right to make a reasonable charge for time spent testing items which are found to be Gold Plated or not to contain gold. (Max £10)

 Gemstones are not purchased and any gemstones within the gold will not be returned to the customer. Removing stones is time consuming and costly as labour charges would exceed the small margin of profit that may have been made. If the stone is of high value to you, it is recommended that it is removed before the consignment is delivered. Any gemstones sent are removed from the item before weighing. 8.2 If our offer is declined, the gemstones will be returned loose with your jewellery subject to postage charges.

Once you have accepted our offer to purchase, payment can be made in one of four ways: a. Faster Payments Systems (FPS) this is direct bank transfer for transactions below £10,000. This service is free. Usually, the money will be in the Customer’s account within 2 hours after the offer has been accepted. b. CHAPS/TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS for transactions in excess of £10,000. This service is charged at £25 per transaction to cover our bank charges when using this method of payment, the fee being deducted from the valuation figure. c. CHEQUE PAYMENTS will be charged at £5.00 per transaction to offset our bank charges and admin/postal costs when using this method of payment, the fee being deducted from the valuation figure. d. CASH PAYMENTS will be charged at a Minimum of £15.00 including Postage for cash up to £2,500. 9.2 Kanda Gold cannot issue a return of goods once payment has been dispatched. Cheques are dispatched to the address as supplied in the original enquiry form only. 9.3 The Customer agrees that, in the event of obvious error resulting in an overpayment, the Customer will repay the sum equivalent to the overpayment to kandagold.co.uk within 48 hours of receiving communication from kandagold.co.uk requesting repayment. 9.4 If the Customer does not receive payment within 14 days from the date that the Customer accepts Kanda Gold’s offer to purchase the Precious Metal Products, the Customer must notify Kanda Gold who will, if necessary, arrange for alternative payment. 9.5 Failure to contact us within that period, or to cash any cheque received from Kanda Gold within 6 months from receipt, forfeits whatever rights the Customer may have to payment.

 Your personal information and payment details will be protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 10.2 We use the information that we collect about you to provide the service to you. We will use your personal information for marketing and research purposes but you will not be contacted unless you have given your consent. cashfoyourjewellery.co.uk never share private user information or contact details with any third party and endeavour to ensure all customer data is kept secure. 10.3 When the ‘User’ supplies information regarding another person they do so with the express understanding that the other person has granted permission to do so, and they have granted authorisation to act in this manner. We will not be held responsible for any breach of this understanding. Our postal address is: Cash for your jewellery 394 Dudley Rd Wolverhampton West Midlands WV2 3AY Data Protection Licence no: ZA056223 You have the right to request a copy of any information held by us, there is an administration fee of £10 for this procedure. This must be requested in writing to the address above, signed by you. You may request us to correct any inaccuracies in the information held on you. Such a request must be in writing, signed and sent to the address above. 10.4 Business customers The Data Protection Act does not generally apply to companies but it does cover sole traders and partnerships. When we receive an application for a ‘Service’ from a business we may perform a search with a credit reference agency on the individual company directors or partners.