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Selling your precious metals could not be any simpler. Our process is fast, secure and straight forward giving you complete peace of mind.

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If you decide the estimated offer suits you, simply print and fill out the description form giving us the required details on the items you wish to sell. Alternatively, you may choose to apply online. If you have chosen to apply online we will accept them so long as you provide a covering letter with the following details: • A signed statement confirming that the items are indeed yours to sell. • Contact information including your name, address, email address and telephone number.

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Post your scrap metals, ensuring the completed description form is enclosed too. We advise using Royal Mail Special Delivery. • Please ensure parcels are fully insured to ensure packages arrive safely as Cash for your jewellery is not responsible for any losses or damages in transit. • Please do not use adhesive tape or staples on the printed description form with your consignment.

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Upon receiving your items we will evaluate them and then make a payment directly to your bank account WITHIN HOURS. Alternatively, you can request CASH or CHEQUE in the post within 24 hours direct to your door!

Weigh and value?

In order to receive a price quotation, we need the weight and carat of your item. Find the correct carat of your scrap gold, silver, palladium or platinum. This can be done by interpreting the three-digit number on your hallmark. Click here for our hallmark guide. If there is no hallmark, just send it in! Our team of professional testers will determine the quality of your gold. Then simply weigh it.

Calculate the value?

Use our online calculator below to find out the value of your precious metals.